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Eleventh Circuit Rejects FDIC’s “No Duty” Argument, Allows Post-Receivership Affirmative Defenses Against the Agency

One of the most contentious issues in the litigation the FDIC has been pursuing in its capacity as receiver of various failed banks is whether the defendant former directors and officers can assert affirmative defenses against the FDIC for the agency’s own conduct.   In a part of a December 23, 2013 Eleventh Circuit opinion … Continue Reading

Failed Bank Directors’ and Officers’ Affirmative Defenses Against the FDIC Stricken

In order to try to defend themselves from claims asserted against them by the FDIC as receiver for a failed bank, the failed bank’s directors and officers often raise affirmative defenses, either based on pre-receivership conduct (as for example, in connection with pre-failure examinations) or post-receivership conduct (as for example in connection with the agency’s … Continue Reading

Former IndyMac Officers Cannot Rely on Business Judgment Rule as Defense in FDIC Failed Bank Lawsuit

On October 5, 2012, in the latest in a series of decisions addressing the question whether or not corporate officers (as differentiated from corporate directors) are entitled under California law to rely on the protections of the business judgment rule, Central District of California Judge Dale Fischer held that former officers of the failed IndyMac … Continue Reading