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Hedge Funds and PIPEs Financing

In an earlier post (here), I examined the risk characteristics surrounding Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPEs) financing, and argued that PIPEs are an increasingly important part of small public company financing, and that companies should not be viewed as suspect merely because they have resorted to PIPEs financing. Since the time of my prior … Continue Reading

Notes from Around the Web

New Wave of Options Lawsuits?: Regular readers know that The D & O Diary has been tracking options backdating lawsuits (here). A December 20, 2006 article on entitled “McAfee Employees’ Suit Reveals New Options Dynamic” (here) raised the question whether a breach of contract action brought by the employees of McAfee represents the opening … Continue Reading

PIPEs Financing and D & O Risk

A casual reader of the New York Times business page or the Wall Street Journal might well get the impression that PIPEs (private investments in public equity) financing transactions are the devil’s own handiwork. Both publications have recently run stories fraught with dire tones and ominous insinuantions about PIPEs transactions. The New York Times August … Continue Reading