Even though the worst of the pandemic crisis in the U.S. appears, at least for now, to be past, the threat of COVID-19-related claims continues. In the latest example of the continuing COVID-19-related claim threat, the SEC has initiated a COVID-19-related enforcement action against a California-based digital health care company that had made claims early in the coronavirus outbreak about the company’s ability to profit from the outbreak. The SEC’s new action is a reminder that the threat of new COVID-19-related claims is ongoing. A copy of the SEC’s July 7, 2021 complaint against Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. can be found here. The SEC’s July 7, 2021 press release about the enforcement action can be found here.
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We are now well into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet at this late date the COVID-19-related securities class action lawsuits continue to come in. In the latest example, Ocugen, a U.S.-based gene therapy development company that hoped to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, was hit with a securities class action law after a setback in its regulatory approval efforts. A copy of the plaintiff’s June 17, 2021 complaint against Ocugen can be found here.
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Among the industries hit hardest at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak last year was the cruise ship business. As these companies were forced to cease operations, revenues plunged. Several of the companies were hit with securities class action lawsuits as well, though, as discussed below, these lawsuits have not fared well. On May 28, 2021, in the latest ruling in a COVID-19-related securities suit against a cruise ship line, the federal judge in the securities suit pending against Carnival Corp. granted the defendants motion to dismiss. The court’s ruling evinces a great deal of skepticism of the plaintiffs’ case.
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Jeff Lubitz
Louis Angelo Panis

As readers of this blog are aware, since the outbreak of the pandemic early last year, there has been a flow of COVID-19-related securities class action lawsuits filed in U.S. courts. I have tried to track these cases as they have been filed and to note them on this site. ISS Securities Class Action Services has also been tracking these cases. In the following guest post, Jeff Lubitz and Louis Angelo Panis analyze the COVID-19 securities suits. Jeff is the Executive Director and Louis is an analyst at ISS Securities Class Action Services. The ISS SCAS data is slightly more inclusive than the data I have compiled and reported on this site, as the ISS SCAS data includes state court securities class action lawsuits as well as federal court securities class action lawsuits, whereas my data set is limited to federal court actions only. Please note that several graphic displays of the ISS SCAS litigation data follow the article. A version of this article previously was published as an ISS Insights article. I would like to thank Jeff and Louis for allowing me to publish their article on this site. I welcome guest post submissions from responsible authors on topics of interest to this site’s readers. Please contact me directly if you would like to submit a guest post. Here is Jeff and Louis’s article.
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After more than a year of lockdowns, social distancing, and sheer disruptions of life, we are all more than ready to be done with the coronavirus outbreak and to move on. Unfortunately, the virus is not done with us yet. In places like Brazil and India, COVID-19 continues to exact a grim toll. Just as I, like all of the rest of you, had assumed in the early stages of the outbreak that we would be done with the coronavirus by now, I also thought we would be done with coronavirus-related litigation by now as well. However like COVID-19 itself, coronavirus-related litigation continues on despite our expectations. As discussed below, in the past week, two more coronavirus-related securities class action lawsuits were filed, as the pandemic-related litigation phenomenon continues.
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One of the very first coronavirus-related securities class action lawsuits to be filed at the outset of the pandemic in the U.S was the securities suit filed against Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. The Norwegian Cruise Line lawsuit is now the latest of the coronavirus-related securities suits to be dismissed. In an April 10, 2021 opinion with a number of interesting features discussed below, Southern District of Florida Judge Robert N. Scola, Jr. granted the company’s motion to dismiss with prejudice. A copy of Judge Scola’s opinion can be found here.
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In the latest sign that coronavirus-related securities lawsuits are continuing to be filed, a plaintiff shareholder has filed a securities suit against a biotechnology company and two if its executives, alleging that the company drove up its share price by promoting its HIV-focused drug candidate as a treatment for COVID-19. Although the new complaint is similar in many respects to prior COVID-19-related securities lawsuits, it has several distinct features as well. A copy of the plaintiff’s complaint can be found here.
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It was over a year ago – March 11, 2020, to be exact – that the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a pandemic. And it was also over a year ago – March 12, 2020, in fact – that the first of the coronavirus outbreak-related securities class action lawsuits were filed. Since that time, more than two dozen other coronavirus-related securities suits have also been filed. But while the pandemic related litigation has been an interesting phenomenon, a year into the development there are some interesting questions about the litigation. Such as, for example, why hasn’t there been more securities litigation related to the pandemic? In this post, I take a look at the litigation (so far) and try to answer a few of the questions.
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As the lawsuits have been coming in, we have been tracking the coronavirus outbreak-related litigation, with more than two dozen securities suits accounted for so far. But while the plaintiffs’ lawyers have proven willing to pursue pandemic-related securities suits, the track record so far for these kinds of suits has been decidedly mixed. In the latest sign of the mixed bag of results for plaintiffs’ lawyers on these kinds of suits, on February 25, 2021, the plaintiffs’ lawyers who initiated the coronavirus outbreak-related securities suit against Royal Caribbean Cruises entered a voluntary dismissal without prejudice with the court (here). As discussed below, this development may have significance for other potential cases as well as for cases that have already been filed.
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As I have detailed in a series of post on this blog (most recently here), over the last year plaintiffs’ lawyers have filed nearly 30 COVID-19-related securities class action lawsuits. While the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ have been quick to file these cases, it remains to be seen how the claims will fare. Indeed, in January, in the first case to reach initial pleading hurdles, the Court granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss (as discussed here). However, in a more recent ruling one of the first of the COVID-19-related securities suits to be filed, the Court has denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss in significant part. The February 16, 2021 opinion of Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Gerald J. Pappert in the securities lawsuit pending against Inovio Pharmaceuticals can be found here.
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