The D&O Diary was on the road again this week, albeit this time for domestic travels only. The main event this week was a stop in Nashville to attend Arch Insurance’s Executive Assurance Division’s 2024 Offsite Meeting. At least by contrast to some of my recent international travel, this was a quick trip; because it was such a quick trip, I didn’t get a chance to see much of Nashville itself, but the trip was still a lot of fun.

The primary purpose of the Nashville visit was to attend and participate as a speaker at the Arch event. I always feel that if I am having fun when speaking at a conference then it must be going pretty well. I had a lot of fun at this event speaking on a panel with Arch’s Jeremy Moen and Michael Skoglund, to discuss current claims trends, coverage issues, and emerging risks. I would like to thank Jeremy and Michael for the panel session, and also especially to thank Anne Hardner for inviting me to be a part of this event and for being such a good host. I would also like to thank the many event attendees who took the time to introduce themselves to me. It is always a treat for me to meet so many enthusiastic readers of The D&O Diary.  

Here’s a picture taken just before our panel session, with Michael Skoglund and Jeremy Moen. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the event as a panelist in a session with Jeremy and Michael.
Here’s a picture with Anne Hardner, Executive Vice President of Arch’s Executive Assurance Division. Anne was responsible for inviting me to be a part of the Arch event, as well as organizing my participation. My thanks to Anne for reaching out and including me in this event, and for being such a good host.
I met a lot of great people at this event, and it was a lot of fun for me that so many of them wanted to get a picture with me. Here’s a group picture of, from left to right, Bill Lomason; Chris Sutka; Brittany Cosgrove; Peter Phillips; and Madeline Maxwell.
I had a lot of great conversations with the many people I met for the first time at this event, including with Kateryna Svitlynets.
Here’s another great group shot, with, from left to right, Jennifer Marusic; Kirsten Slawson; and Mary Perkins.
Here’s a picture with Cordelia Villalpando, from the Dallas office.
With Jessica Ganes, of the Alpharetta, Georgia office.
With Jordan Borio, who apparently is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.
I particularly enjoyed having a chance to meet and talk to these individuals, who are actuaries for Arch, and also huge fans of The D&O Diary. From left to right: Kim Ward; John Gotz; Matt Bush; and Huy Le.
Here’s a selfie taken with Michael Landers. I saved this picture for last because I think it is pretty funny. Michael apparently grew a mustache in anticipation of meeting me at this event. In my travels, I meet a lot of enthusiastic readers of my blog, but Michael’s growing a mustache just because he was going to be meeting me sets some kind of a record. And we can all agree that a mustache is always a good look.