The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is one of those singular events, charged with implications and fraught with dangerous possibilities, but that is also still so recent that it is difficult to discern what it ultimately will mean. Earlier this week, in an excellent webinar presented by the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at the Stanford Law School and entitled “Silicon Valley Brawl: Litigation, Accounting, and Regulatory Implications of SVB’s Collapse,” Stanford Law Professors Joseph Grundfest and Colleen Honigsberg and University of California Berkeley Law Professor Robert Bartlett took a detailed look at the causes and potential consequences SVB’s failure. This presentation, a video recording of which may be found here, is excellent, and the accompanying slides, which may be found here, make for indispensable reading for anyone who wants to try to understand what happened at SVB and what it might mean from a legal, financial, and regulatory standpoint. My thanks to the Rock Center and Stanford Law School for permission to link here to the webinar recording and to the slides.