The board of the Spencer Educational Foundation has declared Monday, February 24, 2020 as Spencer Day. The Spencer Education Foundation was founded in 1979 to fund the education of tomorrow’s risk management and insurance leaders through scholarships and grants for students risk management, insurance, actuarial science and business. The organization also facilitates internship opportunities, provides on and off campus experiential learning opportunities through grants, and funds development of risk management/insurance curriculum. The purpose of the Spencer Day designation is to showcase Spencer scholarship recipients, the companies who hire them, and the myriad ways that Spencer supports industry education.


The Foundation’s announcement about Spencer Day and the related activities can be found here.  The organization’s press release about Spencer Day provides, in part, as follows:


The Board of Directors of the Spencer Educational Foundation has pronounced the last Monday of February as Spencer Day. The purpose of this designation is to showcase Spencer scholarship recipients, the companies who hire them, and the myriad ways that Spencer supports industry education.


This announcement follows a significant sustaining gift just received from the FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers. FM Global’s generous $650,000 gift is the largest single pledge received in Spencer’s 41-year history, and will enable Spencer to eclipse their 2019 high water mark of giving away close to $1.5M to fund industry education.


Marya Propis, SVP and Director of Distribution & Broker Partnerships at All Risks, Ltd. and Spencer Board Chair, commented, “The mission of Spencer is simple; we are helping to manufacture talent for the entire industry, and as our support grows, our capacity to generate more results increases, too. We are excited to call upon all Spencer Scholars – and the companies who employ them – to stand up today and be acknowledged. We also want to shine a bright spotlight on standout industry partners like FM Global on our Spencer Day.”


What is the Spencer Day call to action? TODAY, via social media, industry professionals are encouraged to promote #SpencerScholars whom they mentored, advised, and assisted, and employers can make clear that they place a value on hiring and supporting #SpencerScholars.


Currently, Spencer relies on annual, recurring support from hundreds of donor companies and industry professionals, and is so grateful for these ongoing partnerships. Of course, if you’re a Spencer Scholar – past or present – we want to salute you, too, and encourage you to identify yourself via social media or on our website.


Over 1,000 P&C insurance professionals have benefited from Spencer’s philanthropic efforts since the first three scholarships were granted in 1980. By gathering at annual events such as the Gallagher Spencer Golf event on Sat May 2 and the Spencer & Sedgwick FunRun on Tues May 5 at the RIMS Annual Conference in Denver, as well as the Spencer Gala Dinner on Thurs Sept 17 at the Sheraton Times Square in New York, insurance professionals can support Spencer’s ability to propel careers by removing financial obstacles.