The Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, the venue of the 2018 PLUS Conference

This past week I was in San Diego for the annual PLUS Conference. The venue was great, the weather was absolutely terrific, and the Conference overall was a great success, as the pictures below reflect. I also had the chance to see many old friends and to make some new friends as well.


On Wednesday afternoon, before the Conference itself actually kicked off, I attended the RPLU conferment ceremony, which is a regular fixture at the Conference. I always enjoy the conferment ceremony. It is a chance to recognize and honor the industry professionals who have had the discipline, energy, and drive to complete the RPLU curriculum. I am an RPLU myself, and I take a great deal of pleasure in meeting others who have successfully completed the program.


Before the RPLU Conferment Ceremony, with Jordan Cassidy and Christin Ogdan of the Philadelphia Insurance Companies in Denver. Christin received her RPLU designation at the ceremony.


With Brad Famularo of Travelers and Gina Anderson of Arch Insurance Group. Both Brad and Gina received their RPLU designation at the ceremony.


At the RPLU Conferment Ceremony with incoming PLUS President Carl Metzger and outgoing PLUS President Debbie Schaffel


With Robbie Thompson, the Executive Director of PLUS


The conference kicked off with a keynote address from former Secretary of State John Kerry. He is an engaging and entertaining speaker, and he had a number of interesting comments about our current political situation in the U.S. One point that he made was that though there was record turnout for the recent election (at least in terms of midterm election), the turnout was still below 50 percent of eligible voters. He also had a number of interesting comments about the importance of climate change issues.


Former Secretary of State John Kerry, interviewed by Carl Metzger, the incoming President of PLUS


I also was fortunate to have been able to attend a reception hosted by outgoing PLUS President Debbie Schaffel on the 32nd floor of the Seaport Tower at the Hyatt Hotel. The reception room had spectacular views of the San Diego harbor and of downtown San Diego. It also afforded a great view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean, with a view of the San Diego Harbor


Downtown San Diego, viewed from the 32nd Floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt’s Seaport Tower


At the President’s Reception with PLUS Board Member Sarah Goldstein, of the O’Hagan Meyer law firm, Lynn Johnson of CalSurance Associates, and Nicole Sheth of the Kaufman, Borgeest & Ryan law firm.


One particularly interesting thing I did while at the Conference was to act as something of a host for a special conference guest, Jason Howard of Chubb Australia. Jason had been chosen by the Australian Professional Indemnity Group (APIG), based on his standing in the professional liability insurance community in Australia, to attend the PLUS Conference. I was actually at the annual APIG event in Sydney in September when Jason received the award, so it was a pleasure to welcome him to the Conference on behalf of PLUS and to introduce him to many other Conference attendees


Jason Howard of Chubb Australia, with Lynn Halper, who recently retired from Partner Re


On Thursday morning I had the pleasure of moderating the conference’s opening panel on the topic of “New D&O Exposures and Coverage Trends.” Joining me on the panel were Cathy Padalino of AON and Nora McGee of AIG. It was a great session and lot of fun — and remarkably well-attended, too.


With Cathy Padalino of AON and Nora McGee of AIG


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