The LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs of 2010, as selected by the members of the LexisNexis business law communities, have been announced, and I am pleased and honored to discover that The D&O Diary is among this year’s designees. The LexisNexis announcement, including the list of the 2010 Top 25 Business Law blogs, can be found here.


I am particularly happy to find my blog among the honorees because the list includes so many blogs that I follow and bloggers whose work I respect. I encourage everyone not only to take a look at the list, but also to visit the other sites, particularly those with which you might be unfamiliar.


Readers may note in the LexisNexis announcement that though the Top 25 blogs have been chosen, the voting is not yet finished. The voting for the Top Business Law Blog of 2010 will continue and the winner will be announced on November 5, 2010. I encourage all readers who are also members of a LexisNexis business law community to cast a vote for their favorite business law blog. I would be honored and humbled if anyone should choose to cast a vote for The D&O Diary.


Interested readers who are not familiar with the site may also want to take a look at the LexisNexis Corporate & Securities Law Community, which can be found here. The community site contains a wealth of resources, including links to blog posts and articles, case law and commentary, and podcasts.


My thanks to the members of the LexisNexis business law communities for voting for my site as a Top 25 Business Law Blog, and my congratulations to all of the honorees.