In a July 15, 2009 motion (here), the plaintiff in the subprime-related securities class action lawsuit involving RAIT Financial Trust moved for preliminary approval of a proposed settlement of the case. According to the company’s May 27, 2009 filing on Form 8-K (here), the parties entered a preliminary agreement on May 26 2009 to settle the case for a cash payment of $32 million, to be funded entirely by the company’s D&O insurers.

As reflected in greater detail here, the company was first sued in August 2007 in a securities class action lawsuit alleging that in the offering materials accompanying the company’s January 2007 IPO as well as subsequent statements, the defendants made misrepresentations and omissions about the company’s credit underwriting, exposure to investments in debt securities, loan loss reserves and other financial items.

In a December 22, 2008 ruling, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Legrome Davis substantially denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss. Among other things, Judge Davis’s ruling was noteworthy for its acceptance of the "core business operations" theory in concluding that the plaintiffs had adequately pled scienter, as discussed at greater length here.

The RAIT settlement joins the recent Accredited Home Lenders settlement (refer here) as subprime-related securities lawsuits in which the cases settled after the motions to dismiss were denied. The $22 million settlement in the Accredited case together with the $32 million settlement in this case suggest that companies (or at least their D&O insurers) may face significant financial consequences for losing the dismissal motion in these cases. These settlements and the recent $30.5 million settlement in the Beazer Homes case also start to create an impression that overall, the subprime and credit crisis cases might prove to be very expensive to resolve.

I have in any event added the RAIT settlement to my register of the subprime and credit crisis-related lawsuit resolutions, which can be accessed here.

Very special thanks to a loyal reader for calling my attention to the RAIT settlement.