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Takeover Litigation in 2013

Posted in Securities Litigation
One of the most distinctive corporate and securities litigation trend in recent years has been the surge in M&A-related litigation, with virtually every deal attracting at least one lawsuit. This trend continued again in 2013, according to a recently updated study from Notre Dame business professor Matthew Cain and Ohio State law professor Steven Davidoff. … Continue Reading

The Curse of Post-Close Merger Objection Litigation

Posted in Director and Officer Liability
There days, virtually every M&A transaction attracts litigation, usually involving multiple lawsuits. These cases have proven attractive to plaintiffs’ lawyers because the pressure to close the deal affords claimants leverage to extract a quick settlement, often involving an agreement to publish additional disclosures and to pay the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees.   As Doug Clark of … Continue Reading

Cornerstone Research Releases 2012 M&A Litigation Report

Posted in Securities Litigation
Plaintiff law firms continued to file lawsuits in connection with virtually every mergers and acquisitions transaction in 2012, according to an updated report from Cornerstone Research. The February 2013 report, which is entitled “Shareholder Litigation Involving Mergers and Acquistions” and which was authored by Robert M. Daines of Stanford Law School and Olga Koumrian of … Continue Reading

Takeover Litigation in 2012

Posted in Securities Litigation
Litigation related to M&A activity continued at an “extremely high rate” in 2012, according to the latest research update from Ohio State law professor Steven Davidoff and Notre Dame business professor Matthew Cain. According to the professors’ analysis, presented in their February 1, 2013 paper entitled “Takeover Litigation in 2012” (here), 91.7% of all merger … Continue Reading

M&A Lawsuits after the Merger Closes

Posted in Securities Litigation
As I have frequently noted on this blog (most recently here), one of the most distinctive litigation phenomenon has been the rise in litigation involving M&A activity. It has gotten to the point that virtually every merger now also involves a lawsuit (or, more often, multiple suits). These cases have proven attractive to plaintiffs’ lawyers … Continue Reading

Proposals to Address the M&A-Related Litigation Problem

Posted in Securities Litigation
The growing problem of M&A-related litigation has been well-documented on this site (refer for example here). The prevalence of M&A litigation has grown to the point that virtually every M&A transaction involves litigation, and often involving multiple lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions. These growing problems have been well-documented (refer for example here and here), but coming … Continue Reading

All the M&A-Related Litigation Reference Material in One Convenient Location

Posted in Shareholders Derivative Litigation
During last week’s PLUS D&O Symposium, several of the panels discussed the problems surrounding the current onslaught of M&A-related litigation – and appropriately so, as the surging levels of M&A litigation is one of the most distinct and troubling current litigation trends. During the course of the discussion at the conference, several of the speakers … Continue Reading