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Cornerstone Research: Securities Class Action Settlement Values Increased in 2016

The number of securities class action settlements as well as the aggregate, average, and median securities class action settlement values all increased in 2016 compared to the prior year, according to the latest annual report from Cornerstone Research. The report, entitled “Securities Class Action Settlements: 2016 Review and Analysis can be found here. Cornerstone Research’s … Continue Reading

Cornerstone Research: Aggregate and Average Securities Suit Settlements Surged in 2015

Aggregate and average securities class action lawsuit settlements increased significantly in 2015 compared to the year before, according to the latest annual report from Cornerstone Research. Among reasons for the increase in aggregate settlement amounts is the increase in the absolute number of settlements during the year. The increase in the average settlement amount is … Continue Reading

Can Separate Settlements Improve the Securities Suit Settlement Process?

The negotiated resolution of securities class action lawsuits – and absent dismissal, there is rarely any other types of securities suit resolution – is always complicated and occasionally messy, and often involves inefficiencies and sometimes produces distortions and even excesses. Anyone who has ever been through a securities suit settlement negotiation likely will have had … Continue Reading

Citigroup and the SEC, Judge Rakoff Has a Few Questions for You

After the October 19, 2011 news that Citigroup  had reached an agreement to pay $285 million settle SEC charges that it had misled investors in a $1 billion collateralized debt obligation linked to risky mortgages, a number of commentators raised questions about the settlement.   Among other concerns noted was that neither the SEC’s action nor … Continue Reading

Cornerstone Research Releases 2010 Securities Class Action Settlement Study

Though the average dollar value of securities class action settlements approved in 2010 declined slightly compared to 2009, the median settlement amount reached record levels, according to Cornerstone Research’s annual 2010 Securities Class Action Settlement Study. Cornerstone’s March 10, 2010 press release about the study can be found here, and the study itself can be … Continue Reading

Risk Metrics Releases Updated Top 100 Securities Settlements List

RiskMetrics has issued its year-end 2009 scorecard of the Top 100 securities class action lawsuit settlements. The list, which is updated quarterly, can be accessed on the Securities Litigation Watch blog (here). The details in this very interesting tabulation support a number of interesting observations, discussed below.   The year-end Top 100 tally reflects the … Continue Reading

IPO Laddering Cases Settled for $586 Million

The consolidated  IPO Laddering Cases, that superannuated vestige of a long-gone era that has continued to grind on despite numerous procedural setbacks, apparently has been settled (again), at least according to the parties’ April 1, 2009 settlement stipulation (here). Hat tip to the WSJ.com Law Blog for the link to the stipulation.   According to … Continue Reading

Cornerstone Releases 2008 Securities Lawsuit Settlement Analysis

On March 11, 2009, Cornerstone Research released its report of 2008 securities lawsuit settlements entitled "Securities Class Action Settlements: 2008 Review and Analysis" (here). Cornerstone previously released its review of 2008 securities class action filings, which can be found here. Among other things, the newly released Cornerstone Report concludes that "the value of cases settled … Continue Reading

A Closer Look at Two Recent Securities Lawsuit Settlements

In recent days, settlements relating to two high-profile securities class action lawsuits were announced. Because there are some interest things about these two settlements, I take a closer look at each of them below.   Is the Qwest Securites Class Action Lawsuit Finally Settled?  In Qwest Communications  August 6, 2008 filing on Form 10-Q (here), … Continue Reading