In my recent mid-year review of the year-to-date securities lawsuit filings, I noted that certain factors that had contributed significantly to the number of securities suits filed in 2022 were less of a factor in the first six months of 2023. Among these diminished factors was the number of SPAC-related lawsuit filings. But while the number of SPAC-related suit filings has been down so far this year, SPAC-related suits are nonetheless still being filed. The latest example of a SPAC-related filing this year is the suit filed on July 6, 2023, against the Israeli company, Hub Cyber Security, Ltd., which became a Nasdaq-listed company following the February 2022 merger of its predecessor operating company with a SPAC.  The new lawsuit illustrates the ways in which litigation can arise against companies that are the product of completed SPAC mergers.Continue Reading Israeli Firm Hit with SPAC-Related Securities Suit