The “G” in ESG stands for “governance.” ESG is of course of one of the most au courant topics in the corporate and securities world, and the inclusion of governance as one of the three ESG pillars inferentially suggests that governance is a new – or at least newly relevant – topic. The reality is, however, that governance is a perennial topic. Its relevance has never diminished, and it remains as important as ever. However, principles of corporate governance do evolve with changing times. It is this evolution of corporate governance that is at the heart of a new book on the topic.

The book, which is entitled “Corporate Governance: Understanding the Board-Management Relationship,” and was written by H. Stephen Grace, Jr., Ph.D, Founder and President of H.S. Grace & Company, Inc.; Suzanne Gilbert, Member Board of Advisors of Grace & Co. Consultancy, Inc.; Joseph P. Monteleone, Esq, Principal Catamount Services, LLC; and S. Lawrence Prendergast, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Turrell Fund, explores the values-based origin of governance principles; examines the recent progression of governance concepts and considers several recent circumstances that explain the changing concepts; and reviews some of the practical implications of these changing concepts and principles. The book, more information about which can be found here, is a useful and readable summary of current understandings and best practices in corporate governance.Continue Reading Book Review: Corporate Governance: Understanding the Board-Management Relationship