A shareholders’ derivative lawsuit that generated the most prominent judicial pronouncements about options "springloading" has been settled. According to the company’s January 18, 2008 press release (here) and its filing on Form 8-K of the same date (here), the parties have settled the consolidated shareholders’ derivative lawsuit that has been been

As the options backdating cases flooded in a year ago, the standard explanation of the plaintiffs’ lawyers preference for shareholders derivative lawsuits over securities class action lawsuits was that stock price declines rarely accompanied companies’ options backdating disclosures. (A list showing the predominance of derivative lawsuits among options backdating cases can be found here.)

As various options backdating lawsuit settlements and dismissals have accumulated in recent days, I have received a variety of inquiries from readers about comparisons with prior dispositions or about the outcomes of various other specific cases. The absence of a single, all-inclusive resource to address these questions led me to put together a compiled list