Nessim Mezrahi

In a recent post, I reviewed the number of first half 2023 securities class action lawsuit filings. In the following guest post, Nessim Mezrahi, co-founder and CEO at SAR LLC, analyses the potential financial exposure associated with the securities suit filings from the year’s first six months, as well as the implications of the filings for the D&O insurance industry. Nessim’s article first was published in the form of an SAR press release (here). I would like to thank Nessim for allowing me to publish his article on this site. I welcome guest post submissions from responsible authors on topics of interest to this site’s readers. Please contact me directly if you would like to submit a guest post. Here is Nessim’s article.Continue Reading Guest Post: 2023 Market Dynamics Testing D&O Rate Adequacy and Coverage Sufficiency

As I have detailed in prior posts, U.S. securities class action lawsuit filings remained at historically high levels in 2019. Among the 2019 securities suit filings were significant number of lawsuits filed against non-U.S. companies with U.S. listings. As detailed in a new report from the Dechert law firm, there was an uptick in 2019 the number of U.S. securities lawsuits filed against non-U.S. companies compared with the year prior. The Dechert report also details a number of trends with respect to filings against non-U.S. companies, as well as the trends with respects to dispositive motions in these cases. The March 11, 2020 report can be found here.
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