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Guest Post: India: The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 – Exposures & Liability Insurance Protection

In the following guest post, Umesh Pratapa takes a look at the new Indian Consumer Protection Act, 2019. As Umesh discusses below, the Act not only has important implications for the rights of consumers, but it also has important liability insurance, product liability insurance, and professional liability insurance implications in Indian as well. Umesh’s article … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Liability Insurance in India- Challenges and Opportunities- Way Forward

In the following guest post, Umesh Pratapa takes a look at the state of liability insurance in India. Liability insurance apparently is not yet widespread in India, for reasons that Umesh examines below.  Umesh also takes a look at the possible future for liability insurance in India. Umesh’s article was originally published in The Journal … Continue Reading

Cal. Supreme Court: Insurer May Seek to Recover Directly From Independent Counsel Allegedly Excessive or Unreasonable Fees

On August 10, 2015, in an opinion that has already garnered a great deal of attention and commentary, the California Supreme Court ruled that an insurer that funded the payment for its insured of independent counsel (or “Cumis” counsel as independent counsel are known in California) in defense of a claim may seek to recover … Continue Reading