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Book Review: The Global Directors and Officers Deskbook

The increasing globalization of business and commerce presents significant opportunities and major complications. The complications run across a wide variety of issues. Among other things, the complications arising from an increasingly global economy include concerns relating to the liabilities of companies’ directors and officers across jurisdictions. These concerns can vary widely depending on the countries … Continue Reading

A Call for Corporate Governance Reform in Spain

In an interesting June 11, 2014 Financial Times article entitled “Spain’s Renewal Must Include Governance Improvements” (here), financial journalist and commentator Tony Barber identifies corporate governance issues that he believes Spanish companies have been slow to address. According to Barber, while there may be historical explanations for many of the long-standing corporate governance practices in … Continue Reading

Japanese Securities Litigation Trends: 2000-2012

The volume of misstatement-related securities litigation in Japan has “increased dramatically” since the 2004 revisions to Japanese securities laws, according to a June 2013 report from the consulting firm Alix Partners. The report, entitled “Recent Trends in Japanese Securities Litigation: 2000-2012,” can be found here. Even though misstatement-related securities suit filings in Japan were down … Continue Reading

Motion to Dismiss Granted in Barclays Libor-Scandal Securities Suit

In a May 13, 2013 order (here), Southern District of New York Judge Shira Scheindlin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Libor-scandal related securities suit that had been filed against Barclays and two of its former executives following the company’s entry into a massive Libor-related settlement last summer. The suit’s dismissal is just the latest … Continue Reading

Ontario Court: Company with Shares Trading Only on Foreign Exchange Subject to Canadian Securities Suit

On March 30, 2012, in a decision that may highlight the extent to which Canadian courts are increasingly willing to enforce securities laws in ways that may have extraterritorial effects, the Ontario Court of Appeals held that the liability regime under the Ontario Securities Act applies to Canadian Solar, a company whose shares trade only … Continue Reading

Canadian Securities Class Action Lawsuit Filings Hit Record in 2011

Securities class action lawsuit filings in Canada hit record levels in 2011 according to a new report from NERA Economic Consulting. The January 31, 2012 report, entitled “Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2011 Update” (here) concludes that the persistent growth in Canadian securities class action lawsuit filings “is not a transient phenomenon.”   According … Continue Reading

Client Advisory: Critical D&O Insurance Issues for U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies

During the twelve months ending June 30, 2011, at least 32 Chinese companies were hit with U.S. securities suits. In addition, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has initiated a number of enforcement actions and other proceedings against U.S.-listed Chinese companies, issued a formal bulletin warning investors about the risks of investing in Chinese companies … Continue Reading

A “Global Guide” to Directors’ Liability and Indemnification

In today’s global economy, business increasingly is conducted cross-jurisdictionally. Company officials and their advisors increasingly must grapple with liability issues arising under the laws of multiple jurisdictions. These liability issues in turn can present complex indemnification and insurance questions. Simply identifying the operative legal considerations can present a significant challenge.   A newly updated legal … Continue Reading

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Pursue Non-U.S. Securities Litigation Alternatives After Morrison

One of the questions posed in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank is whether the Court’s holding might encourage securities claimants foreclosed by Morrison from U.S. court to attempt to pursue their claims in their home countries or in other jurisdictions.   The January 10, 2011 … Continue Reading

NERA Releases Comprehensive Study of Australian Class Actions

As a result of series of legal developments, securities class action lawsuits in Australia have become have become increasingly common in recent years, and signs are that these trends will continue, according to a comprehensive study of Australian securities class action litigation issued on May 7, 2010 by NERA Economic Consulting.   The report can … Continue Reading

The Changing European Liability Landscape and the D&O Insurance Marketplace

Beginning with the corporate scandals earlier in this decade and continuing with the more recent financial meltdown and Ponzi scheme revelations, these has been a widespread push toward corporate governance reform. In some European countries, these developments have been accompanied by the implementation of mechanisms to provide some form of relief to the victims of … Continue Reading

Does the Royal Dutch Shell Settlement Approval Portend a Rush of European Collective Actions?

There is no question that the Amsterdam Court of Appeals’ May 29, 2009 action authorizing Royal Dutch Shell to begin funding the April 2007 securities settlement represents a landmark development. Under the ruling (a copy of which can be found here, in Dutch), Shell will begin paying a total of $381 million to a foundation … Continue Reading

AIG Hit with Canadian Securities Class Action

Questions surrounding the susceptibility of foreign domiciled companies to U.S. securities laws and to the jurisdiction of U.S. court are frequently recurring issues, as I noted most recently here. However, a new case filed in Ontario under Ontario’s securities laws presents an interesting variation on these questions.   The Ontario Action Against AIG According to its … Continue Reading