Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

ochThere is no private right of action under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), but as I have frequently noted in prior posts, news of an anti-bribery investigation frequently is followed by a shareholder lawsuit based on allegations relating to the investigation. The latest example of this type of follow-on civil action involves the investment

Among the more controversial questions about the U.S.’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has been the extent of its reach in enforcement actions against foreign-domiciled individuals. Two recent decisions from the Southern District of New York reached differing conclusions about the statute’s reach. One case rejected the individual’s motion to dismiss the FCPA enforcement action, while

One of the more challenging exposures that many companies face is the possibility of an FCPA enforcement action. Because of the risk of fines, potential prosecution and reputational damages, many companies understand the need to implement compliance programs to try to avoid these problems. In a guest post, Al Vondra (pictured), a partner in the

An overabundance of airplane time and a shortage of Internet access (not the mention my day job’s unrelenting requirements) have kept The D&O Diary on the blogging sidelines despite a host of noteworthy events in recent days. The march of events moves ever onward, but before the sands of time envelop recent notable events altogether

Among the many litigation threats companies face, a couple of specific kinds of cases have recently emerged: the civil action following on in the wake of an FCPA investigation or enforcement action, and the shareholder suit following after a negative “say on pay” vote. Many companies involved in an FCPA investigation or experiencing a negative

Since late last year, reports have been circulating that the U.S. government is investigating whether drug companies paid bribes overseas to increase sales and to obtain regulatory approvals. Some firms have now announced that they have reached settlements with enforcement authorities. And now the first civil lawsuit relating to these investigations has been filed, as