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Guest Post: The SEC’s Renewed Focus on Financial Reporting and Financial Fraud

While financial fraud has always been an important enforcement target for the SEC, the agency recently has shown increased attention to financial reporting cases. In the following guest post, Robert F. Carangelo, Paul A. Ferrillo and Andrew Cauchi of the Weil Gotshal law firm take a look at the SEC’s recent focus on financial reporting … Continue Reading

Preparing for the SEC’s Accounting Quality Model Enforcement Tool Implementation

As part of the SEC’s efforts under chairman Mary Jo While to refocus the agency’s efforts to detect and pursue accounting fraud, the agency has undertaken a number of initiatives, including the formation of a Financial Reporting and Audit Task and the creation of the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics. As part of these … Continue Reading

Guest Post: More than a Machine: “Robocop” Stole the Headlines, but the Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force is the Real Driver Behind the SEC’s Refocus on Accounting Irregularities

As noted in a recent guest post on this site (here), the SEC recently announced the so-called “Robocop” initiative to try to detect improper or fraudulent financial reporting. However, as the authors of the prior post explain in a second guest post below, the Robocop initiative is one of two efforts the agency recently launched … Continue Reading