For some time now, one of the hottest bets in the U.S. economy has been the electric vehicle industry. Until recently, manufacturers struggled to meet consumer demand. However, as 2023 progressed, something unexpected happened. Consumer demand for electric vehicles began to decline. A number of factors – including heightened interest rates – contributed to this development, but the perception of declining demand has set off alarm bells, particularly among EV manufacturers’ suppliers.

In an example both of how the declining demand can affect EV suppliers and the way that the decline can translate into securities litigation, on December 13, 2023, a plaintiff shareholder filed a securities suit against electric vehicle semiconductor supplier ON Semiconductor after the company announced declining sales of its automotive business segment products because of declining consumer EV demand. A copy of the plaintiff’s complaint can be found here.Continue Reading Semiconductor Company Hit with Securities Suit as EV Demand Declines

In the latest SPAC-related securities suits filing, electric aviation company Lilium N.V. has been sued by an investor after a short-seller published a report questioning the company’s technological and regulatory readiness, its development prospects, and its financial resources. Lilium became a publicly traded company in September 2021, when it merged with Qell Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). This lawsuit is the latest in a series of securities class action lawsuits filed since the beginning of 2021 against post-SPAC-merger companies, as discussed below. A copy of the April 18, 2022 lawsuit against Lilium can be found here.
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