John Reed Stark

Along with all of the other anxieties about the upcoming Presidential election, there is the concern that someone, somewhere will use some type of cyberattack to interfere with the electoral process. If that were to happen, the immediate question will “Who did it?” In the following guest post, John Reed Stark, President of John Reed Stark Consulting and former Chief of the SEC’s Office of Internet Enforcement, underscores the difficulties associated with identifying the actors behind any cyberattack and cautions against jumping to conclusions about who might have been involved. A version of this article previously was published on Cybersecurity Docket. I would like to thank John for allowing me to publish his article as a guest post on this site. I welcome guest post submissions from responsible authors on topics of interest to this blog’s readers. Please contact me directly if you would like to submit a guest post. Here is John’s article.
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