tenWhile the world of directors’ and officers’ liability is always dynamic, the D&O liability arena was particularly eventful during 2016, with significant implications for what may lie ahead in 2017 – and possibly for years to come.  With full awareness that a complete inventory of key 2016 events could actually be much longer, here is a list of the Top Ten D&O stories of 2016.
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globe2The following post previously appeared as an article in a recent issue of the Munich Re publication, Schadenspiegel. The article also appeared as a post on the Munich Re website, Topics Online. The article is reprinted here with the permission of Munich Re.

The liability arena for corporate directors and officers has long been characterized by a dynamic claims environment. In the past, the highest-profile developments in this arena have taken place primarily in the United States, due to long-standing patterns of litigiousness there. However, in the last few years changes in applicable laws and in the regulatory environment, as well as a series of high-profile scandals, have increased the significance of D&O insurance across the world.
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