mugshot4-300x224On several occasions I have published what I thought would be the last of the D&O Diary mug shots, only to find afterwards that still more mug shots were arriving in my email mailbox. That has happened yet again, and this time some of the late arriving mug shots are appropriate to the holiday season.

031aThe long-running and ever-popular D&O Diary mug shot show may just about have reached the end. I have only three remaining unpublished mug shots, which I have been holding onto for a while in the hope that perhaps some other readers might send in the pictures. But I don’t want these pictures to get stale,

The D&O Diary mug continues to make cameo appearances at venues near and far. The latest round of mug shots incudes pictures of a variety of classic American scenes, including sun-drenched shots of city skylines.

Readers will recall that in a recent post, I offered to send out to anyone who requested one