district court rulings

I frequently received requests or questions relating to the increased risk of securities litigation that life sciences companies face. I have reviewed these issues in my own analysis of securities litigation filing trends (for example, refer here) as well as in my discussion of others’ analyses (for example, here). In another recent report, the Sidley Austin law firm has taken a detailed look at important securities litigation developments in 2018 relating to life sciences companies. This latest report includes not only a review of life sciences companies’ securities litigation class action filings trends but also takes a look at the life sciences companies’ track record in the courts, on motions to dismiss in the district courts and on appeal. The court ruling analysis suggests a number of important implications for life sciences companies’ disclosure practices. The law firm’s report, entitled “Securities Class Actions in the Life Sciences Sector: 2018 Annual Survey” can be found here. The law firm’s two-page report summary can be found here.
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