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Guest Post: D&O What to Know: A Guide to the Evolution of Directors and Officers Insurance from 1933 to the Present

After attending the PLUS D&O Symposium  some years ago, several colleagues at Partner Re thought it might be worthwhile to provide D&O insurance professionals with historical overview of the evolution of Directors and Officers insurance (D&O) in the US marketplace.   As a result, Brian Sabia, SVP Senior Underwriter Specialty lines; Catherine Rudow, SVP Senior Underwriter … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Professional Liability Exclusion Precludes Coverage for D&O Claims against Ponzi Schemer’s Bank

In a coverage dispute arising out of the long-running Rothstein Ponzi scheme scandal, a Southern District of Florida judge, applying Florida law, has held that the professional services exclusion in the Rothstein bank’s D&O insurance policy precluded coverage for claims brought against the bank and certain of its directors and officers by the Rothstein law … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Insured That Settled Underlying Claim Without Insurer’s Consent Cannot Sue the Insurer for Breach of Contract or Bad Faith

The Georgia Supreme Court has held that where a policyholder settled an underlying claim without its D&O insurer’s consent, the policyholder cannot sue the carrier for breach of contract or for bad-faith failure to settle. The Court, applying Georgia law, entered its opinion in the case based on questions certified from the United States Court … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Liberalization Endorsement Allows Insureds to Rely on New Policy Form’s Enhanced Insured vs. Insured Exclusion Carve-Back

On June 19, 2014, in a case involving so many unusual coverage issues that it seems more like a law school exam question than an actual coverage dispute, New York (New York County) Supreme Court Judge Melvin Schweitzer, applying New York law, granted summary judgment for the former directors of the bankrupt Lyondell Chemical Company … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Dispelling the Myths of Side A Directors and Officers Insurance

Many insurance buyers now regularly include a separate component of Side A insurance as part of their D&O insurance program. However, even though it has become an increasingly common part of many companies’ D&O insurance programs, Side A D&O insurance is not always fully understood. In the following guest post, Robert F. Carangelo and Paul … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Known Circumstance Exclusions

D&O insurance policies often address a policyholder’s particular circumstances. One way that D&O insurers sometimes address the fact that a company has experienced adverse circumstances is to incorporate into its policy a “known circumstances exclusion” precluding coverage for those circumstances. In an October 23, 2013 opinion (here), the First Circuit affirmed the opinion of the … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Actions Not Undertaken in an “Insured Capacity” Not Covered

Many organizations purchase management liability insurance to provide liability and defense cost protection for their directors and officers. But the management liability insurance protects the individuals only for their actions undertaken in an “insured capacity.” The policies are not intended to not protect them for actions they undertake in a capacity other than as a … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: So What is a “Securities Claim”?

The modern public company D&O insurance policy provides coverage not only for the directors and officers of the company but also for the company itself – however, in the public company D&O insurance policy, the entity coverage applies only to securities claims, a limitation that sometimes leads to disputes whether or not a particular matter … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Contract Exclusion Precludes Coverage for Negligent and Fraudulent Misrepresentation Claims

In a decision that gives broad effect to a D&O insurance policy’s contractual liability exclusion, on August 17, 2012, Middle District of Pennsylvania Judge William Nealon granted the insurer’s motion for summary judgment, holding under Pennsylvania law that the insurer had no obligation to defend or indemnify the policyholder in the underlying action. A copy … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: When is a Claim First Made?

Most management liability insurance policies these days are written on a claims made basis – -that is, they cover claims that are first made during the policy period. But what determines when a claim is first made? A February 15, 2012 decision from the Western District of Texas and applying Texas law took a look … Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and D&O Insurance

According to statistics compiled by the American Bankruptcy Institute, over 60,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2009, the highest annual number of business-related bankruptcies since 1993. By way of comparison, the 2009 business bankruptcy filing levels were nearly 200% greater than in 2006. All signs are that these bankruptcy filing levels have continued unabated this … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: The Contract Exclusion

A liability insurance policy is not intended to provide policyholders a means to shift to the insurer their separate, voluntarily undertaken contractual obligations. Private company D&O insurance policies generally embody this principle in a separate exclusionary provision. However, the wording of the exclusionary clause can substantially affect the scope of coverage otherwise available under the … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Consequences of Withheld Settlement Consent

In prior posts (here and here), I discussed two recent decisions in which courts held that D&O insurance coverage was precluded for settlements the insureds entered without first obtaining the insurers’ consent as required under the applicable policies. An August 19, 2008 Second Circuit opinion (here) addressed the related question of what happens when the … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: The Adjudicated Fraud Exclusion

In a June 25, 2008 decision (here), the Delaware Superior Court (New Castle County) refused to apply a D&O policy adjudicated fraud exclusion to preclude coverage for the settlement, defense fees and costs incurred in connection with an underlying securities lawsuit.   The coverage action arose out of the AT&T Corporation Securities Litigation, the background … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: A Bonfire of Policy Application Issues

A June 18, 2008 opinion (here) by Judge Gerald Lynch in the coverage litigation between former Refco directors and officers and one of the company’s excess D&O insurers presents a veritable conflagration of policy application issues, including perennial questions concerning warranties, severability, and imputation, as well as a host of related issues arising from the policy procurement … Continue Reading

Some Thoughts About the Towers Perrin D&O Survey Report

Last week, Towers Perrin released its report of the firm’s 2007 Survey of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Purchasing Trends, which can be accessed here. The firm’s annual survey report is widely read throughout the D&O insurance industry, and is generally viewed as an important information resource. Every year, the survey report is full of … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: A Criminal Sentencing Factor?

In a prior post (here), I commented on former Refco CEO Phillip Bennett’s extraordinary cooperation with the Refco class action plaintiffs, following his entry of a guilty plea in the criminal case against him. As might have been anticipated, Bennett is hoping that his cooperation with the class plaintiffs, as well as the Bankruptcy Trustee, … Continue Reading