director and officers liability

paul-cyber-book-250x324We are long past the point where cybersecurity can be treated like an emerging, obscure or peripheral issue. The fact is that cybersecurity is now an important concern for every organization and enterprise. For that reason, cybersecurity is also now an important concern for everyone responsible for protecting and guiding those organizations and enterprises, including in particular corporate directors and officers. In the current environment, there is no shortage of advice available for these corporate officials as they seek to understand and fulfill their responsibilities to their organizations. Indeed the sheer volume of information available can be confusing or even overwhelming. Fortunately, there is now a single volume guide available to help corporate directors address their organization’s cybersecurity exposures and needs. The new book by Paul Ferrillo of the Weil Gotshal law firm entitled “Navigating the Cybersecurity Storm: A Guide for Directors and Officers” (here) is a readable, well-organized, and helpful guide for any corporate official seeking to address their cybersecurity responsibilities.
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del1On May 14, 2015, in a landmark ruling with important implications for the potential liabilities of independent directors of companies involved in M&A transactions, the Delaware Supreme Court held that in order to state a claim for damages against directors of a company that has an exculpatory provision in its corporate charter, a plaintiff must