data breach-related litigation

home depotDuring the period 2014-2015, several companies –including Home Depot — that had experienced high-profile data breaches were hit with cybersecurity-related D&O lawsuits. All of these lawsuits, including the one against Home Depot, were dismissed. The plaintiffs in the Home Depot case filed an appeal of the dismissal. Now it appears that while the appeal was pending the parties to the Home Depot data breach-related derivative lawsuit have reached a settlement. The settlement could have interesting implications for the plaintiffs’ bar’s ongoing efforts to pursue data breach related D&O litigation.
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yahooI wouldn’t ordinarily write about the same company or set of circumstances two days in a row, but because of developments following in the wake of the data breaches Yahoo announced last year, the company’s name has come up again. Yesterday, I wrote about the investigation the SEC reportedly is pursuing in connection with Yahoo’s alleged delays in disclosing the data breaches. It turns out that yesterday a plaintiff shareholder also filed a securities class action lawsuit in the Northern District of California against Yahoo and certain of its directors and offices relating the company’s reported data breaches. A copy of the complaint the plaintiff filed on January 24, 2017 can be found here.
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