FDIC Report: More Bank Failures Coming?: The FDIC’s Quarterly Banking Profile for the third quarter 2008 (here), released on November 25, 2008, paints a dismal picture of the banking industry.

Among other things, the Report notes that during the third quarter the number of insured institutions on the FDIC’s "Problem List" increased

The closure of three more banks this past Friday night underscores the difficult environment now facing many banks and also suggests that the pace of bank failures is accelerating. These developments may also have important implications for the D&O insurance placement market banks may have to confront in the months ahead.

On November 21

One of the more distressing side effects of the recent dramatic events in the global financial markets has been the sudden and unexpected reversal of fortune on any number of financial transactions and positions, particularly with respect to commodities and currencies. These developments have proven to be particularly troublesome for market participants that sought to

The calamity that began as a U.S.-based subprime mortgage meltdown has now grown into a global financial crisis that has resulted in bankruptcies and bailouts involving some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Along the way, these financial institutions’ investors have seen their investment interests damaged or destroyed, leaving many angry and aggrieved. If a