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U.K. Court Halts Effort to Use New Opt-Out Class Action Procedures

The highest-profile attempt to utilize the new U.K. regime for consumer class actions has come to a grinding halt. The case involved a claim alleging that MasterCard’s fee structure had resulted in overcharges to tens of millions of U.K. consumers. On July 21, 2017, the Competition Appeal Tribunal, newly re-organized to oversee the consumer class … Continue Reading

Global Litigation Trend Lines Converge in Massive U.K. Collective Action Competition Claim Against MasterCard

There have been few more powerful forces acting recently on the litigation environment around the world than third-party litigation financing. The recent rise of litigation funding, often accompanied by the active involvement of U.S. law firms, is changing the face of litigation in numerous countries. The collective action to be filed against MasterCard later this … Continue Reading

Litigation Funding Firm Announces German Securities Action on Behalf of Volkswagen’s German Shareholders

The recent revelation that Volkswagen had been using a sophisticated software “defeat device” to rig the emissions performance of some of its diesel-engine base vehicles devastated the price of the company’s shares, leading to the filing of a securities class action lawsuit in the U.S. on behalf of purchasers of the company’s ADRs, as well … Continue Reading

A New U.K. Class Action Litigation Wave?

Is collective action litigation in the U.K. about to get a significant boost? That is the question many are asking as the new collective action regime introduced by the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 goes into effect on October 1, 2015. The Act’s provisions facilitate collective proceedings for competition law breaches before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (the … Continue Reading

Motion to Dismiss Granted in Barclays Libor-Scandal Securities Suit

In a May 13, 2013 order (here), Southern District of New York Judge Shira Scheindlin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Libor-scandal related securities suit that had been filed against Barclays and two of its former executives following the company’s entry into a massive Libor-related settlement last summer. The suit’s dismissal is just the latest … Continue Reading

Class Actions Around the World

Although the class action lawsuit is most often associated with the litigious legal culture in the United States, the fact is that in recent years class action and other group litigation procedures have been expanding around the world. Forces of globalization and the rise of organized groups of aggrieved claimants have encourage a host of … Continue Reading

Does the Royal Dutch Shell Settlement Approval Portend a Rush of European Collective Actions?

There is no question that the Amsterdam Court of Appeals’ May 29, 2009 action authorizing Royal Dutch Shell to begin funding the April 2007 securities settlement represents a landmark development. Under the ruling (a copy of which can be found here, in Dutch), Shell will begin paying a total of $381 million to a foundation … Continue Reading

Securities Lawsuits: A Global Phenomenon?

Among the many consequences of an increasingly global economy is that investor interest in pursuing claims for securities wrongdoing has become a more nearly universal phenomenon. While collective-style lawsuits largely had been restricted to claims in U.S. courts under U.S. law, a growing list of countries are adopting at least some elements of U.S.-style securities … Continue Reading