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A Conservative’s Case in Support of Class Actions

In the current political environment, class action lawsuits are under assault, particularly in conservative legal circles. As Joe Patrice put it in an August 30, 2017 Above the Law post (here) , with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek summary of the conservative perspective on class actions, “The only thing every good conservative legal thinker knows is that … Continue Reading

European Collective Action Reform and the U.S Model: Compare and Contrast

There no longer seems to be a question whether European countries will adopt some form of collective action procedures. The questions now are what form the collective action mechanisms will take and to what extent will the processes will adapt or reject features of the U.S. class action model.   A November 6, 2008 article by … Continue Reading

A Closer Look at the 2007 Life Sciences Securities Lawsuits

In prior posts (most recently here), I noted that even during the two-year lull in securities lawsuits filings that prevailed between mid-2005 and mid-2007, filings against life sciences companies – and pharmaceutical companies in particular – continued more or less unabated. More recently I noted (here) that pharmaceutical companies in the Standard Industrial Classification Code … Continue Reading