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NCUA Files Libor Manipulatoin Antitrust Suit: Even though the federal judge presiding over the consolidated Libor antitrust litigation has granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss the antitrust claims, the federal credit union regulatory agency has filed a new action against Libor rate-setting banks alleging violation of the Sherman Act. As described in the National Credit Union … Continue Reading

Corruption Allegations: More Securities Suits Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies?

As many readers will recall, a couple of years ago there was an intense barrage of securities litigation class action lawsuit filings against U.S.-listed Chinese companies. Many of the cases involved Chinese companies that obtained their U.S. listings by way of a reverse merger with publicly traded shell, and almost all of the cases involved alleged … Continue Reading

How Far Can the Plaintiffs Really Go With the Cases Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies?

During 2011, plaintiffs filed a wave of securities class action lawsuits against U.S.-listed Chinese companies. There were 39 of these lawsuits filed in 2011 (out of 218 total securities class action lawsuit filings in 2011), as discussed here.  Often the complaints in these lawsuits consisted of little more than a repetition of the allegations that … Continue Reading

New Year’s Filings Pick Up Where Last Year’s Left Off with New Lawsuit Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Company

Securities class action lawsuit filing activity seems to have picked right up in the New Year where last year’s filings left off, as what appears to be the first filed case of 2012 involves a U.S.-listed Chinese company. Camelot Information Systems, a Chinese-based company whose American Depositary Shares (ADS) trade on the NYSE, and certain … Continue Reading

Fights Worth Watching: Lehman Execs Spar over D&O Insurance, SEC Pursues Chinese Co. Auditor

A group of former executives of a Lehman Brothers subsidiary   is seeking to block the bid by senior Lehman executives to use $90 million of the remaining D&O insurance proceeds to settle the cases pending against them. As discussed here, on August 24, 2011, the senior executives filed a motion with the Lehman bankruptcy court … Continue Reading

First Dismissal Motion Denial in Chinese Reverse Merger Securities Case

According to Cornerstone Research’s recently released mid-year 2011 securities litigation report (here), during the 18 months ending on June 30, 2011, there were a total of 37 securities class action lawsuit filings involving U.S. listed Chinese companies, 33 of which obtained their U.S. listing by way of a “reverse merger” a publicly traded shell company. … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Claims Against China-Based Reverse Merger Companies: A Tempest in a Teapot of Gunpowder Green Tea?

As numerous commentators have noted, one of the most distinctive litigation developments over the last twelve months has been the emergence of U.S. securities litigation against Chinese companies that obtained their listings on U.S. exchanges that a “reverse merger” with a publicly traded U.S. shell company.   Given the prominence of these issues, I am … Continue Reading

Client Advisory: Critical D&O Insurance Issues for U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies

During the twelve months ending June 30, 2011, at least 32 Chinese companies were hit with U.S. securities suits. In addition, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has initiated a number of enforcement actions and other proceedings against U.S.-listed Chinese companies, issued a formal bulletin warning investors about the risks of investing in Chinese companies … Continue Reading

All China, All the Time

Even though the story has been brewing for months, the mainstream media and the SEC suddenly seem to have decided that the alleged accounting frauds involving certain U.S.-traded Chinese companies are the central story of the moment. You can hardly pick up the business papers or turn on the television these days without encountering some … Continue Reading

Are Short Sellers Fabricating the Accounting Fraud Allegations Involving U.S.-Listed Chinese Firms?

The wave of new securities class action lawsuits involving accounting scandals at U.S-listed Chinese firms is already a well-established phenomenon. But in the latest twist on the tale, Deer Consumer Products, one of the U.S.-listed Chinese companies most recently sued based on allegations of accounting fraud, has gone on the warpath and is publicly alleging … Continue Reading

Securities Suits Against Chinese Companies Continue to Mount

For several years, Friday has been the day when the latest bank closures are announced (about which see further below). More recently, Friday also seems to be the day when the latest securities class actions involving Chinese companies are announced. This past Friday alone, three more securities suits involving Chinese companies were announced. Signs are … Continue Reading