As is well known, civil litigation in the U.S. can be expensive, time-consuming and burdensome. Despite these obvious drawbacks, countless insurance disputes wind up in litigation, imposing costs and burdens on policyholders, claimants, and insurers. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms – such as arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences, and appraisal – allow the parties to insurance disputes to avoid the expense and burdens of trying to address a dispute in court. A new book published by the American Bar Association entitled “Resolving Insurance Claims Disputes Before Trial” (here) seeks to provide a practical guide to the ADR mechanisms. As discussed below, this book provides valuable guidance for attorneys, claims adjusters, and others involved in the insurance claim process.
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sakate khaitan
Sakate Khaitan

In keeping with my goal of presenting important topics concerning jurisdictions outside the United States, I am pleased to present this guest post by Sakate Khaitan of Khaitan Legal Associates about recent legislative changes in Indian that will impact the availability of arbitration procedures in that country. I would like to thank Sakate for his willingness to publish his article as a guest post on this site. I welcome guest post submissions from responsible authors on topics of interest to this site’s readers. Please contact me directly if you would like to submit a guest post. Here is Sakate’s guest post.
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