Though many include the rating agencies among the list of culprits that contributed to the global financial crisis, the rating agencies have up until now largely dodged attempts to hold them liable. While there have been a small number of cases (refer for example here) where courts have denied the motions of rating agencies to

Many of the toxic mortgage-backed securities that were a key part of the subprime mortgage meltdown were sold in multiple separate offerings based on the same shelf registration statement but separate prospectuses. Each separate offering included multiple securities at varying tranches of seniority and subordination. In the litigation following the subprime meltdown, defendants in suits

The parties to the Citigroup subprime-related securities class action lawsuit – one of the highest profile of the remaining subprime cases – have agreed to settle the suit for $590 million, in what is the third largest settlement so far out of the subprime and credit crisis litigation wave. Southern District of New York Judge

Two of the significant securities litigation trends we have been following are the subprime-related securities litigation and the securities suits that have been filed against U.S.-listed Chinese companies. As discussed below, in the past few days courts granted dismissal motions in each of these kinds of cases.

Jiangbo’s CFO’s and Auditors’ Dismissal Motions Granted

Former CFO’s Dismissal Motion Denied in Longtop Financial Securities Suit: Longtop Financial Technologies may be unique among U.S.-listed Chinese companies that have been caught up in the wave of accounting scandals and related securities litigation. Unlike many of the others, Longtop did not obtain its U.S.-listing by way of a reverse merger, but instead, in