It was great to be in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for the return of the live version of the annual PLUS D&O Symposium. I am certain I was not the only one at the event who was delighted to be among friends and colleagues again and to meet so many new people. In one sense, it was a little awkward for everyone, since it has been so long since any of us have been around other people. But with appropriate precautions in place, everything went well and it was just fine being in a large gathering again. My congrats to the Conference organizers for putting together a great conference and to the PLUS staff for putting on a great show.


For myself, and as it turned out  to be the case for many of the other attendees, this was my first domestic business trip since the last time the PLUS D&O symposium was held live in New York, in late February 2020. Although at one level, it did seem a little odd to be back in an event like this after the long lay off, in other ways it seemed like no time had passed at all. I hope the success of this event, as well as the great turnout, signifies that it may be time to start the process of getting back to normal again. I will say that it was a lot of fun being back in New York again.


Anyone who has ever attended the PLUS D&O Symposium in NYC knows that one of the standard things to do at the Symposium is to walk across West 45th Street from the Marriott Marquis to go to Junior’s Restaurant. It is a New York institution. On the Monday evening before the conference, I met for coffee with Steve Carabases of the Hartford; Jim Thurston of Wilson Elser; Graham Ludlam of DAC Beachcroft; me; Declan Finn of DAC Beachcroft; and Ben Heller of Wilson Elser.


It was great to see some familiar faces again. Here, with Ann Longmore, Marsh; Carl Metzger, Goodwin Proctor; Robbie Thompson, PLUS; and Kevin Gadbois, Great American.


In addition to seeing old friends, an important part of the pleasure of the PLUS D&O event is making new friends. Here I am with Raymond Sieh of Perves Redmond Limited in Vancouver, and Caroline Alverez of ITC Education in Vancouver.


So I met Beth Martin of Crane in St. Louis, when she came up to me and told me she wanted to have her picture with me. Well, here you go, Beth.


More new friends, Jessica Shin and Sam Curry of Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics.