the dandodiaryWith this blog post, The D&O Diary is proud to launch its new look website. I hope  readers will find the cleaner, more open page design easier to read, and that the relocation of the search box and the alterations to other website functions will make the site easier for readers to use.


Though the website redesign represents a pretty significant change to The D&O Diary’s look, the bigger and more important changes to the site are actually behind the scenes.


The primary purpose for the redesign was to implement what is known as responsive web design, which should allow the website to be viewed across a wide range of devices without any loss of design integrity or functionality. In other words, the website should look about the same and function about the same regardless of whether you are viewing it on your phone, on your tablet, or on your computer.


The launch of this redesign is the culmination of several months of planning and implementation. I hope that readers like the changes, and in particular I hope that readers like being able to have the same experience when viewing the site, regardless of the device on which it is accessed. I welcome readers’ comments about the changes.


Along with the design changes, the feed URL for those who access the site using an RSS feed has been changed. Those readers who want to continue to subscribe via RSS should make sure to subscribe at the new feed URL