Over the holidays, I added two blog posts that readers may find particularly interesting. To make sure that readers returning to their desks after the holidays do not overlook them, I have highlighted the two posts below, with links.


The List: Madoff Investor and Feeder Fund Litigation (December 26, 2008): This post is the access point to a table of Madoff Investor and Feeder Fund litigation. I have updated the litigation table numerous times since the initial publication, as several readers have helpfully provided relevant additional links and documents.



I will continue to update the table as new Madoff litigation arises. Readers are strongly encouraged to let me know of any new or additional information necessary to keep the table accurate and up to date.



A Closer Look at the 2008 Securities Lawsuits (January 2, 2009): As part of an annual feature on this blog, I reviewed last year’s securities lawsuit filings. As detailed in greater length in the post, the 224 new securities filings in 2008 represents the highest annual filing total since 2004.



The post also discusses the possible impact of the 2008 securities filing activity on the D&O insurance marketplace.



2008 Year in Review: On January 6, 2008, at 2:00 p.m. EST, I will be participating in a free webcast sponsored by the Securities Docket (here) entitled “2008 Year in Review: Securities Litigation and SEC Enforcement.”



The webcast will be moderated by Bruce Carton of the Securities Docket, and will feature several of my fellow bloggers, including Francine McKenna of the re: The Auditors blog (here); Tom Gorman of the SEC Actions blog (here); and Walter Olson of the Point of Law blog (here). Additional information about the webcast can be found here.