As various options backdating lawsuit settlements and dismissals have accumulated in recent days, I have received a variety of inquiries from readers about comparisons with prior dispositions or about the outcomes of various other specific cases. The absence of a single, all-inclusive resource to address these questions led me to put together a compiled list of options backdating lawsuit settlements, dismissals and denials, which can be found here.

The options backdating lawsuits dispositions list linked-to above is arranged in a series of seven tables, which provide the following information: options backdating securities class action lawsuit settlements and dismissals, as well as dismissal motion denials; options backdating shareholders derivative lawsuit settlements, dismissals and dismissal denials; and options backdatings lawsuits that were voluntarily dismissed. With respect to each listed item, I have tried to provide a link to the relevant court order or other source material.

I created the list using information from a variety of sources. While I am reasonably confident that the information is accurate, the list may be incomplete. The list captures most of the options backdating case dispositions that have attracted publicity, but there undoubtedly are others that were not as highly publicized and about which I am unaware. Readers are encouraged to please let me know of any omissions from the list; links or citations for any needed additions would be greatly appreciated. I will do my best to keep the list updated with future dispositions as well as any supplemental information that readers provide.

In addition, a blank in the "links" column indicates that I have not been able to locate a link to the relevant source document. It would be great of readers can provide the missing source links so that the document is more complete.

Readers should note that I have written prior blog posts about many of these case dispositions. I did not attempt to incorporate into the options backdating disposition list any links back to my prior blog posts, but readers interested in any specific case disposition should just type the case name in the search box on the upper left hand corner of the blog home page to find my blog posts relevant to specific cases.

I welcome any comments readers may have about the attached list, particularly if readers have concerns about the accuracy or completeness of any entry.