Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

From this week’s news, it almost appears as if there had been some kind of an unannounced competition for most outrageously fraudulent or corrupt scheme. First, there was Marc Dreier’s incredibly brazen plot to peddle bogus notes to hedge funds using assumed identities. Then there was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s apparent attempt to flog Barrack

In a November 26, 2008 opinion (here), the Ninth Circuit affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit asserting securities law violations against InVision and certain of its directors and officers based on FCPA-related disclosures. The case is noteworthy not only for its involvement of FCPA-related allegations, but also for the appellate court’s

FDIC Report: More Bank Failures Coming?: The FDIC’s Quarterly Banking Profile for the third quarter 2008 (here), released on November 25, 2008, paints a dismal picture of the banking industry.

Among other things, the Report notes that during the third quarter the number of insured institutions on the FDIC’s "Problem List" increased

Two developments involving major European companies illustrate both the challenges and uncertain progress of global efforts to combat corruption.

First, on July 29, 2008, Siemens announced (here) that its Supervisory Board has resolved to claim damages from ten former members of the company’s Managing Board executive committee, including two former CEOs and a

In prior posts, I have examined the increasing importance of anticorruption efforts and their significance for purposes of corporate governance. But a recent report by a global watchdog group suggests that not all governments are actively enforcing their anticorruption commitments, with potentially serious consequences for the developing world.

Transparency International describes itself as a

The growing importance of global anticorruption enforcement efforts was underscored this past week by the revelation of a cross-border investigation involving the French industrial giant Alstom and by developments in the continuing investigation involving Siemens. Moreover, the Siemens developments highlight the increasing significance of liabilities arising from anticorruption exposures for the D&O insurance industry.