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Will the U.N. Summit Boost Climate Change Disclosure Initiatives?

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference set to begin December 7, 2009 in Copenhagen, activists and observers are dialing up the volume both with calls for reform and with updated reports of the projected risks that global warming threatens. Among the long-standing initiatives advocates are now seeking to advance is the petition before the … Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Filings Continue to Surge

Bankruptcy cases filed in the U.S. federal courts continued to surge in the twelve months ended September 30, 2009, according to statistics released on November 25, 2009 by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The statistical release, which can be found here, shows that for year ending on September 30, 2009, there were 58,771 … Continue Reading

A Closer Look at the FDIC’s Grim Quarterly Report

The FDIC’s latest Quarterly Banking Profile (here) shows that as of September 30, 2009, the country’s commercial banks are continuing to struggle, and that as a result of the banks’ woes the FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is $8.2 billion in the red. The rising numbers of "problem" institutions suggests both that the number of … Continue Reading

The Securities Lawsuit “Backlog”

One of the more interesting securities class action lawsuit filing patterns that has developed as 2009 has progressed is the number of securities suits that have been filed long after the end of the purported class period cut-off date, as I have previously noted here. A November 21, 2009 National Law Journal article entitled "Securities … Continue Reading

So What About the Ohio AG’s Lawsuit Against the Rating Agencies?

On November 20, 2009, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray announced (here) the filing of a lawsuit in the Southern District of Ohio on behalf of five Ohio pension funds against Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch. According to his press release, the complaint, which can be found here, charges the rating agencies with "wreaking havoc … Continue Reading

The Changing European Liability Landscape and the D&O Insurance Marketplace

Beginning with the corporate scandals earlier in this decade and continuing with the more recent financial meltdown and Ponzi scheme revelations, these has been a widespread push toward corporate governance reform. In some European countries, these developments have been accompanied by the implementation of mechanisms to provide some form of relief to the victims of … Continue Reading

Look Who’s Getting Sued Now

One interesting thing about the most recently filed securities class action lawsuits is what they have in common – that is, that while the companies sued are drawn from a surprising diversity of industries, none of them are in the financial services sector. The absence of new securities suits against financially related companies is quite … Continue Reading

Marsh Settles “Contingent Commission” Securities Suit for $400 Million

According to its November 13, 2009 press release (here), Marsh & McLennan has agreed to pay $400 million to settle the consolidated securities class action lawsuit pending in the Southern District of New York against the company, its insurance brokerage unit, and certain former officers of the company. The company also agreed to pay $35 … Continue Reading

Credit Crisis Securities Suits Still Coming In

As the dramatic events in the financial marketplace during fall 2008 recede further into the past, the wave of related litigation activity has also clearly started to slow. But a newly filed lawsuit arising directly from the financial crisis suggests that there may still be further credit crisis cases yet to come, particularly as plaintiffs’ … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: The Latest Hot Topics

There are certain constant issues in the D&O insurance marketplace, but at the same there is always a steady stream of critical issues that emerge and dominate the dialog. In the latest issue of InSights (here) entitled "What to Watch Now in the World of D&O," I take a closer look at the current hot … Continue Reading

ETFs: The Hot New Securities Lawsuit Targets?

Where securities class action lawsuits are concentrated tends to vary over time. At various times over the past several years, companies in the high tech sector, telecommunications category and, more recently, in the financial services industries, have found themselves for a period to be the most popular targets for plaintiffs’ securities class action attorneys. However, … Continue Reading

New Environment for Climate Change Litigation?

While I have long predicted (refer here) the possibility of litigation against directors and officers of public companies concerning global climate change-related disclosures, to date the lawsuits have not materialized. Which is not to say that there have not been relevant developments – to the contrary, there have been many, as discussed below. There just … Continue Reading

Bank Closure Pace Quickens

In what is the largest number of banks closed on a single day in years, this past Friday night the FDIC seized nine related lending institutions. The nine banks, based in California, Illinois, Texas and Arizona, had been owned by FBOP Corp., a privately held Illinois-based bank holding company. U.S. Bancorp agreed to assume all … Continue Reading