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The D&O Diary Goes Down Under

Posted in Travel Posts
The D&O Diary is on assignment in Australia this week. Here’s what you need to know about Sydney in late February – if you traverse the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, fly across the Equator and the International Date Line, and then finally arrive Down Under, when you get there, it is summer. Warm, [&hellip… Continue Reading

Class Action Litigation Developments in Australia

Posted in International D & O
There were a number of key class action litigation developments in Australia during 2014, according to a recent memo from the Jones Day law firm. Among other things, there were significant developments in particular in the securities class action litigation arena, according to the memo. The memo, which is entitled “Class Actions in Australia: 2014 [&hellip… Continue Reading

Sounding the Securities Litigation Alarm in Australia

Posted in International D & O
In an interesting and provocative article, an Australian attorney has sounded the alarm on escalating securities class action litigation in his country. The May 2014 article, written by John Emmerig of the Jones Day la firm’s Sydney office, is entitled “Securities Class Actions Escalate in Australia” (here). The article suggests that in light of recent [&hellip… Continue Reading

Australian Court: S&P Liable for Negligent Misrepresentations in Complex Financial Instrument Triple-A Rating

Posted in Subprime Litigation
Though many include the rating agencies among the list of culprits that contributed to the global financial crisis, the rating agencies have up until now largely dodged attempts to hold them liable. While there have been a small number of cases (refer for example here) where courts have denied the motions of rating agencies to dismiss [&hellip… Continue Reading

NERA Releases Comprehensive Study of Australian Class Actions

Posted in International D & O, Securities Litigation
As a result of series of legal developments, securities class action lawsuits in Australia have become have become increasingly common in recent years, and signs are that these trends will continue, according to a comprehensive study of Australian securities class action litigation issued on May 7, 2010 by NERA Economic Consulting.   The report can [&hellip… Continue Reading